Georgia Pet Aquamation is proud to announce the opening of its Alpharetta location to serve pet needs throughout the Atlanta area. We specialize in after life care for pets through a process called aquamation. Aquamation is more eco-friendly and gentle for your pet when compared to traditional cremation.

Georgia Pet Aquamation

Cremation vs Aquamation

Aquamation is a water-based alternative to cremation. It uses a gentle flow of warm water, pressure, and time. The process is almost identical to what happens naturally after laying a body to rest in the soil, making it a highly effective alternative to other final disposition options such as burials and cremation.  People often call aquamation “water cremation” because both processes reduce a body to ashes; however, aquamation does this with water instead of fire. Even though cremation is widely available throughout the country and one of the most common methods of disposition, aquamation is a reliable alternative. The technology for aquamation has been around longer than most would think. The aquamation process was patented in 1888 and has even been used for humans since 2005.

Aquamation is a more gentle and environmentally friendly way to honor a deceased pet. Unlike fire cremation, aquamation releases no harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. After aquamation, you will receive up to 20% to 30% more of your pet’s ashes than if you were to choose cremation.

Georgia Pet Aquamation

The Environmental Impact of Pet Aquamation

What is Pet Aquamation?

Aquamation is a process by which a combination of 95% water, 5% alkaline materials (salts), and heat flow over a body to break down organic material. It is a more gentle and eco-friendly way to honor a deceased pet than fire cremation.

Imagine the Impact

Aquamation releases no greenhouse gases into the environment, requires 90% less energy than fire cremation, and burns no fossil fuels, meaning the carbon footprint of aquamation is around 75% less than that of a traditional cremation.

About Georgia Pet Aquamation

What We Do Best for your Pet


At Georgia Pet Aquamation, we understand how important your pet is to your family. Our team has over 25 years of experience working in the veterinary field, and we have cared for and loved many pets throughout their lives. Our caring staff strives to help families experiencing a devastating loss lay their companions to rest in a dignified way that honors their memory and your love for them.

Why Choose Georgia Pet Aquamation

Best Reasons for your Pet

When we receive your pet, we give them a stainless steel identification tag with the most up-to-date tracking software available to know where your pet is at all times, from pick up to their return home.

Once you receive your pet’s remains, you have several options to memorialize them. In addition to our memorial packages, we offer many other options in urns, jewelry, and memorial items.


Gentle Process

Aquamation is a humane way to dispose of your pet’s body after passing away using warm, gently flowing water and alkaline materials. Pressure is used so that the water never needs to reach a boiling temperature. The eco-friendly process accelerates decomposition in a safe, efficient way. Instead of subjecting a pet’s body to temperatures exceeding 1,300°F as one would during a fire cremation, we place their body in a warm bath with a mild current for several hours.


It requires a lot of energy to produce enough heat to break down a body through fire cremation, even for a small pet. Traditional fire cremation also requires burning fossil fuels and releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution.  The carbon footprint of aquamation is around 75% less than that of a traditional cremation.  Furthermore, the liquid byproduct of aquamation is sterile and can be recycled back into the Earth as a nutrient-rich fertilizer.


Pickup Available

Georgia Pet Aquamation will be happy to pick up and return your pet from any veterinarian office or your home. After aquamation, we can return your pet’s remains to you or your veterinarian on your behalf within 10-14 days.  Our compassionate and knowledgeable team is available to serve you Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Customized Pet Urns and Keepsakes

You don’t have to say goodbye forever after your beloved pet passes.  At Georgia Pet Aquamation, we offer special keepsakes and packages to help you memorialize your pet forever.  From biodegradable urns used to scatter ashes to photo-box memorials, we provide options that allow you to commemorate your pet in the way that best suits you.


Our Packages

We Offer Three Ecofriendly Packages


To Spread

Biodegradable Black Scattering Urn, Hair Clipping, Ink Pawprint included

The ideal scattering solution, designed to simplify the process of scattering remains. Our scattering tubes contain no metal or plastic and can be recycled after use, or will biodegrade naturally if buried.


To Keep

Renewable Bamboo Urn, Hair Clipping, Ink Pawprint included

You will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is laid to rest in our eco-friendly Bamboo Box cremation urn. This small size piece is crafted from Bamboo Nan, an important renewable resource with a gorgeous finish.


To Remember

Photo Box Urn, Hair Clipping, Ink Pawprint included

Seeing your loved one smile in a precious photograph not only brings back memories but smiles of your own. Forever cherish their smile with a cremation urn from our Photo Box collection. With a natural wood-like design, this piece has a photo slot separate from the cremation compartment which holds a photo.