Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pet Aquamation? 

People often refer to aquamation as “water cremation”.  Aquamation is a process by which a combination of 95% water, 5% alkaline materials (salts), and heat flow over a body to break down organic material.  This process requires no chemical or acidic additives.   It is a more gentle and eco-friendly way to honor a deceased pet than fire cremation. 

Is Aquamation Legal? 

Aquamation is a legal final disposition method for both pets and humans.  Aquamation for pets has been approved in all 50 states.  

How is Water Cremation Better for the Environment Than Fire Cremation? 

Unlike fire cremation, aquamation releases no harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. It also uses 90% less energy than fire cremation and burns no fossil fuels, meaning the carbon footprint of aquamation is around 75% less than that of a traditional cremation.   

What is the Impact of the Water Usage Required for Aquamation?

The water use impact of aquamation is low.  The aquamation process for a pet uses less water than an American household uses in a day.  The water following an aquamation process is sterile and can be recycled back into the Earth as a nutrient-rich fertilizer.    

How Long Does Aquamation Take? 

We can return your pet’s remains to you or your veterinarian on your behalf, usually within 10-14 days. 

How Can I Be Sure I Receive my Pet’s Ashes After the Aquamation?

When we receive your pet, we give them a stainless steel identification tag that remains with them during the entire process to ensure that we return them to you. We also utilize the most up-to-date tracking software available to know where your pet is at all times, from pick up to their return home. 

Are Aquamation Remains Safe? 

Aquamation remains are simply a mixture of bone materials, minerals, and calcium phosphate, making them completely safe to handle if you choose to scatter your pet’s ashes.  In fact, you will receive up to 20% to 30% more of your pet’s ashes, which will have a texture similar to fine sand. Fire cremation produces fewer remains that have a coarser texture. 

Will I Receive An Urn With My Pet’s Ashes?

Georgia Pet Aquamation provides customers with several eco-friendly service packages for their pets’ remains.  We offer three packages - To Be Spread, To Keep, and To Remember - each including an urn for your pet’s ashes.  The urn included with the To Be Spread package is biodegradable, so you can bury it with your pet’s ashes if you choose. There are other keepsake options if you are looking for something special. Please give our team a call to discuss (770) 630-6846.

How Much Does Aquamation Cost? 

The cost of aquamation varies depending on the size of your pet. Please call us for more detailed information about the cost of the service and memorial items.

My Vet Doesn't Offer Aquamation Services, Can We Still Have Our Pet Aquamated?

Yes! Not all vets are aware (yet!) of aquamation and its eco-friendly benefits. Georgia Pet Aquamation will be happy to pick up and return your pet from any veterinarian office or your home. Please call for details.