Pet Aquamation Packages

Losing a beloved pet can be devastating for you and your family. Thankfully, pet aftercare services from Georgia Pet Aquamation will help you memorialize your companion after they pass, allowing you and your family to keep them close to your hearts.  

Our compassionate and knowledgeable team is available to serve you Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Services We Offer

Our company specializes in aquamation, a humane way to dispose of your pet’s body after passing away using warm, gently flowing water and alkaline materials. The eco-friendly process accelerates decomposition in a safe, efficient way. The only materials left after the process are the inorganic materials from the pet’s bones.

Our team has over 25 years of experience working in the veterinary field, and we have cared for and loved many pets throughout their lives. We strive to give our client’s pets a dignified disposition through aquamation. Not only will aquamation result in about 20% to 30% more remains than cremation, but the process is also more eco-friendly.

Some of the environmental benefits of aquamation include:

  • About 90% less energy consumption than cremation
  • A tenth of flame cremation’s carbon footprint
  • No harmful greenhouse emissions
  • No toxic chemicals 

Georgia Pet Aquamation provides customers with several eco-friendly service packages for their pets’ remains. Whether you choose to spread your pet’s ashes or keep them in your home, we have an option for you.

Package for Spreading Ashes

If you have a location in mind for spreading your pet’s ashes, such as a park or lake, consider our “To Be Spread” Package. . It comes with a sustainable and eco-friendly urn for scattering ashes, a hair clipping of your pet’s fur, and an ink paw print.  

We understand that many families prefer to scatter their pet’s ashes, which is why we place remains in special containers that are equally commemorative and practical. We selected our urns to simplify the scattering process and help you maintain your pet’s dignity.  


Package for Keeping Ashes

Some families prefer to keep their pet’s ashes at home. For that choice, we offer urns designed for displaying at home with our “To Keep” Package. 

The package includes keepsakes such as an ink paw print, hair clipping, and bamboo cremation urn. Our specialized bamboo urns come from Bamboo Nan, a renewable material with a lovely finish that would look stunning in any memorial display.



Package for Remembering Your Pet

If you would like to memorialize your beloved pet, consider our “To Remember” Package. Like other packages, this one also includes a paw print from your pet and hair clipping. However, it also comes with an eco-friendly urn from our mango wood photo box collection. 

Seeing your companion happy and well in one of your favorite photographs will undoubtedly bring back cherished memories and smiles. Our photo box cremation urns have a natural wood-like design with a cremation compartment and a separate slot for the photo of your choice. 

Special Urns