Veterinary Partners

At Georgia Pet Aquamation, we help families give a dignified farewell to their beloved pets when they pass away. Our caring staff understands that, for many people, losing a pet is like losing a human loved one.

Even after losing a pet, you want to provide them with the best pet aftercare. Our team takes great care to treat every client’s pet as we would treat our own companions, which is why we practice aquamation. The process replicates and accelerates the natural decomposition process better than flame cremation or burial. 

Get To Know Georgia Pet Aquamation’s Partners

Midway Animal Hospital

Founded in 1988, Midway Animal Hospital has served the community of Alpharetta, GA, for over 30 years.   They are an AAHA accredited clinic, meaning they are associated with the highest standard of veterinary medicine, from cleanliness to record-keeping to patient care. They pride themselves in their devotion to small-town values while also offering the most modern, up-to-date equipment and treatments.