Keepsakes For Your Pets Aqua Cremation

Pets make a profound impact on their owner’s lives. Not only do they provide daily companionship, but they also help people understand themselves better, cope with life experiences, and complete their families. 

Unfortunately, beloved pets eventually pass away, leaving behind their precious bodies and a lifetime of cherished memories. However, you don’t have to say goodbye forever after they pass. Instead, you can purchase a special keepsake from Georgia Pet Aquamation to keep your pet’s memories alive. 

Our Keepsakes

We offer clients a wide variety of pet keepsakes. We understand how having a touching and meaningful remembrance of a deceased loved one can help people cope with grief and bring to mind loving memories. That’s why our aquamation facility offers various keepsakes in an impressive assortment of sizes, designs, colors, and materials. There are many options to personalize and choose from so you can find a keepsake as special and unique as your pet. Contact us for the full catalog and to learn more. 

Now offering commissioned one of a kind memorial pet portraits painted by a local artist.

R. Carter is an Atlanta native. He discovered his interest in the arts while attending Tennessee State University. During the day he works with animals and through that work he has developed an inspiration for pet portraits.

About him: “My passion for creating has always been present, even when inspiration has long served it’s turn. Inspiration to me is like a spark plug, it can ignite an idea, but without passion and consistency as the fuel, the idea will have zero driving force.”

About his paintings:  “Keep it simple and thoughtful. Some of my best and most detailed works have been accomplished with only a few well placed and planned out brush strokes.”

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Now Offering Unique Jewelry & Art Pieces With Aquamated Remains

Personalized Paw Print and Nose Print Jewelry