How Long Does Aquamation Take?

Most Georgia pet parents have their furry friends cremated once their lives come to an end. Although cremation has been the go-to choice for many pet owners when it’s time to lay their pets to rest, aquamation is a viable alternative that’s become incredibly popular over the last few years. However, many people don’t know about or understand aquamation, causing them to ask, “How long does aquamation take?”

That’s why Georgia Pet Aquamation is here to explain aquamation and what to expect during the process.

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What Is Aquamation?

Pet aquamation, commonly called alkaline hydrolysis, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pet cremation. It utilizes water, an alkaline solution, and pressure to gently cremate pets and humans without adversely affecting the environment. It mimics life’s natural breakdown process but at an accelerated rate, making it less traumatic for pet owners than fire-based cremation.

The cremation ashes are nearly identical to traditional disposition options and give pet owners 20% to 30% more ashes, allowing them to cherish their deceased pets throughout their lives.

Technicians place the deceased pet in a stainless steel vessel before filling the structure with the alkaline solution and water. They then heat the solution between 200 and 300 degrees and gently circulate it until the body breaks down and only the bones remain. The technicians then process the remains into a powder before placing it in an urn and returning it to the family.

How Long Does the Aquamation Process Take?

So, how long does aquamation take?

Since aquamation is much gentler than traditional fire cremation and utilizes lower temperatures, it takes much longer. Most sessions take between six to 20 hours to complete but use less energy and don’t generate as much carbon emissions. 

The process’s longevity depends on the solution’s temperature. If the technicians warm the solution to 300 degrees, the session will last anywhere from six to eight hours. However, if they heat it to 200 degrees, the process will last between 18 to 20 hours.

Talk to your aquamation service provider to determine which method works best for your pet.

Benefits of Aquamation in Atlanta, GA

Aquamation provides numerous benefits for pet owners, the deceased pet, and the environment. Below are a few benefits of professional aquamation.

Gentler Than Traditional Flame Cremation

Traditional flame cremation is very harsh and often traumatic for pet parents. The process uses temperatures above 1,300 degrees, painting a grim picture in the minds of many pet owners. 

Aquamation is much gentler and promotes organic decomposition in a less traumatic way, easing the mind of pet parents when it’s time to say goodbye to their four-legged companion.

Environmentally Friendly

Flame cremation requires immense heat to break down organic matter and forces technicians to burn fossil fuels for the best results. However, these fossil fuels release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere that adversely affect the environment, drastically increasing your carbon footprint.

Aquamation is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fire cremation and provides the same results without harming the environment. Aquamation’s liquid byproduct is also recyclable and sterile, creating a natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer that benefits the earth. 

Give You More Memorial Options

Aquamation grants you more memorial options after your pet passes away. You can create a shrine above your fireplace to honor their life, or bury their urn in a pet cemetery where you can visit them from time to time. You can even spread their ashes in meaningful locations so they can rest in their favorite places.

The process allows pet parents to decide what’s best for their deceased pet, giving them more options than a traditional burial.

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